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Mission Statement

Game bắn cá đổi thưởng 2018Empowering all students to succeed in an ever-changing world.


If your child is absent from school, please call us at 586-648-2526.

ABHS Communications

Attention Parents/Guardians: Please refer to the attachments below for ABHS Communications.

11/18/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/18/2020 PDF DocumentABHS PSAT Letter - 10th Grade Only
11/17/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter #2
11/17/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/17/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication #13 for Remote Learning
11/16/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter #2
11/16/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/11/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication #12
11/11/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/10/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/09/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter #3
11/09/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter #2
11/09/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/06/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication 11
11/06/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/04/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/02/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
10/30/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
10/30/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication 10
10/29/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
10/28/2020 PDF DocumentABHS 9th & 10th NWEA Testing
10/28/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
10/26/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
10/23/2020PDF DocumentCommunication 9
10/16/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
10/16/2020 PDF DocumentCommunication 8
10/16/2020 PDF DocumentSenior Year Check List
10/13/2020 PDF DocumentPSAT 8/9 Reminder Letter
10/13/2020 PDF DocumentABHS PTC Letter & ABHS Parent/Teacher Conference Sign Up Links
10/09/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
10/09/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication 7 & Math Tutor Flyer & Picture Form
10/07/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Athletics Update
10/05/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication
10/02/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication 6
10/02/2020 PDF DocumentRemote Learning Communication
10/02/2020 PDF DocumentIn-person Learning Communication
10/01/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Schedule for Picture Days & Picture Form
10/01/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Schedules & Student Registration
10/01/2020 PDF DocumentFreshmen Communication & Picture Form

09/30/2020 Video Document & PDF DocumentAP Information Packet

09/30/2020 PDF Document12th Grade SAT Registration

09/29/2020 Video Document

09/25/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication 5

09/21/2020 PDF DocumentSenior Communication

09/18/2020 PDF DocumentParents Athletic Letter

09/15/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication 4 & Yearbook Flyer

09/09/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication 3

09/02/2020 PDF DocumentABHSCommunication 2

08/27/2020 PDF Document ABHS Communication 1

08/24/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Update

Recent ABHS Communication:

11/30/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/23/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter #2
11/23/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/20/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Parent Letter
11/19/2020 PDF DocumentABHS Communication #14


Daily School Schedule

Hour Start Time

End Time

1st  7:17am 8am
2nd  8:05am 8:48am
3rd  8:53am


4th (Lunch) 9:42am 11:11am
5th  11:16am 11:59am
6th  12:04pm 12:47pm
Office Hours 1:02pm 2:09pm


Upcoming Events

Dec 18 ABHS 2nd Quarter Progress Reports (Emailed)

Dec 21 - Jan 1 No School - Winter Break

Jan 18 Professional Development Day - No Students

                   Happy Holidays


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It's Always a Great Day to be a Tar!

Thank you for looking at the Anchor Bay High School's website. Our staff is very proud of our school. We pride ourselves on creating a child-friendly, educationally rewarding learning environment for our high school students!  Our district mission statement is, "Empowering all students to succeed in an ever-changing world. Our staff has a commitment to see that this phrase is not just words, but something we constantly strive to achieve and live by. We focus on developing a strong, positive relationship with the students and parents as we work together as a team so that we can bring out the very best in each child.  With all of us working together…great things are bound to happen!

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students and the involvement of our parents. We look forward to working with your family and providing your child an outstanding educational experience!  Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Best Always,
Anchor Bay High School Staff

Go Tars!

Upcoming Events

Want the school calendar to update to your phone?  Click on the small calendar icon below for directions.

Game bắn cá đổi thưởng 2018We have some tentative 2021 dates to pass along, but please note that these are provisional. Because the health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority, recommendations from the CDC and the Health Department, in conjunction with our Governor’s Executive Orders will dictate our decisions about each event.


Anchor bay high school main entrance in early morning light
Attention All Students During school hours, everyone must use the Main/Front doors to exit the building. Students are not permitted to go out to their cars during the school day - please plan accordingly.
Business professionals of america - today's students. Tomorrow's business professionals.
Business Professionals of America Club BPA Club - Please contact Mr. Mittelstadt for more information.
black and white chess board
Chess Club Love Chess? Please see Mrs. Williams for more information.
Key Club International Logo
Key Club Key Club is a student led organization with a community service focus and a great addition to your college resume! Please see Ms. Van Nuck for more details.
Need Academic Help? NHS Tutoring - Please contact Ms. O'Hearn for more information.
National Honor Society Crest with yellow ribbon
NHS National Honor Society - Please contact Ms. O'Hearn for more information.
Stand up, stay strong, speak up, stop bullying
No Bull Club No Bull Club - Please contact Mr. Kirsten (Room N202) for more information.
Red and white Parking permit tag with the number 001
Parking Passes All cars in school lots must have a current parking pass. Applications are available online at or on the lower left side of the ABHS web page. Completed application, driver's license, current registrations, current insurance, and proper payment is required to obtain pass.
Relay for Life- American Cancer Society logo
Relay for Life Relay for Life - Please contact Mr. Ricci for more information.
Black, red and white SADD logo - students against destructive decisions
Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Help educate fellow students about how to not make destructive decisions such as distracted driving, vaping, or using alcohol or drugs. Club adviser is Ms. Van Nuck.
Youth for Christ - East Michigan Logo
Youth for Christ YFC CORE - Talk about faith, life, and connect.

News Headlines

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Free Meals will be available during the virtual/remote learning period!

Meals are available to all students 18 years and younger and/or 26 years and younger for adult/children with special needs. Our goal is to provide all virtual/remote students with the opportunity to pick up meals in a safe and comfortable environment so that they are ready to succeed in any type of learning environment. In order to achieve our goal, we have made the following changes to our virtual/remote meal distribution plan, effective, Monday, Nov 23rd. Please note that there will be NO meal distribution on Nov 25th- Nov 27th.


ABHS Marching Tars Congratulations to the Anchor Bay High School Marching Tars! On Wednesday, October 14th, the Marching Tars participated in the MSBOA District 16 Marching Band Festival at Anchor Bay High School. The Marching Tars were awarded a straight First Division rating from the panel of three adjudicators in the Class AA division. The adjudicators judged the band in the categories of marching, music, and general effect. Of the nine performance categories, the students were awarded straight A’s in each category including two A+ grades! This marks the 22nd consecutive year the Marching Tars have earned a First Division rating at this annual festival and assessment.
North Central Association Accredited Through accreditation and related services, NCA CASI continuously improves the quality of education and challenges education entities to prepare each and every learner for success. All Anchor Bay Schools are NCA Accredited.
Requesting ID Parents please bring some form of identification (driver's license preferred) with you when signing your child out of school. We are requiring this action to ensure the safety of your children. Once again, thank you for your kind understanding and anticipated cooperation in this matter.

School Times

Standard Day: 7:17AM-12:47PM  
Conf./Half Day: 7:17AM-10:21AM

Anchor Bay High School

6319 County Line Rd
Fair Haven, MI 48023
Phone: (586) 648-2525
Fax: (586) 716-8306


Jason Battle
Assistant Principal
David Boeskool
Assistant Principal
Richard Palmer
Assistant Principal
Mark Prebay
Assistant Principal
Jason Battle
Athletic Director
Tina Froehlich
Office Manager
Audrey Crozier
Lori Saleski
Marnie Vandam
Larry Fajardo
Police Liaison

Counseling Office

Danielle Lapka
Academic Coach
Sherry Kenward
Paulette Woodside
Office Manager
Lindsay Ahedo (A-Di)
Nicholas Champine (L-R)
Gregory Fowler (Dj-K)
Melanie George (S-Z)
Marc Patyi
Social Worker
Betsy Stein
Bilingual Counselor
Amy Distefano
Teacher Consultant
Frances Matlock
Teacher Consultant


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