NCA Goals

All students will improve their reading fluency and ability to understand complex narrative and nonfiction texts.

Game bắn cá đổi thưởng 2018For the students:

  • Reading tracker
  • Daily reading warm-up activities
  • 30 minutes of independent reading each day
  • Close and analytical reading practices modeled and guided by the teacher
  • Use of graphic organizers to identify the main idea
  • Use of guided highlighted reading
  • Use of RAZ kids

Game bắn cá đổi thưởng 2018For the Teachers:

  • Training in Close and Analytical protocol
  • Training in the Daily 5
  • Training in Reading Tracker
  • Other professional development and workshops

All students will improve their writing fluency and ability to produce effective writing for a variety of purposes.

For the students:

  • Weekly "quick writes" or summaries across the content areas
  • Writing Tracker
  • Instruction in the 6 + 1 traits of writing
  • District writing prompts scored with rubrics
  • Instruction in the common core state standards writing techniques
  • Opportunities to publish writing
  • Use of writing trait posters in the classroom

For the teachers:

  • Training in Writing Tracker
  • Training in content area writing as described in the Common Core State Standards
  • Professional Development activities on writing fluency
  • Scoring writing prompts using applicable writing rubrics

All students will improve their knowledge and understanding of geometric concepts and skills in numbers and operations.

Game bắn cá đổi thưởng 2018For the students:

  • Complete lessons / review geometric concepts throughout the day
  • Have access to websites for geometric concepts, place value, number sense, regrouping, and fractions
  • Use A.D.D. or Math for Today
  • Use manipulatives in math lessons (geoboards, pattern blocks, 3D shapes, etc)
  • Use math journals to write about math concepts and explain their problem solving
  • Review place value, regrouping, and number sense throughout the year
  • Review fraction and decimal concepts through the year using real life applications

Teachers will:

  • After school professional development in the common core state standards
  • Professional development activities focused on effective math instruction